Layering Necklaces & Styling Pink Lace

Hey Loves lately I have been digging the whole layering jewelry look and will probably wear it too much this spring! For some reason I thought layering meant I needed to find pieces that can be layered and that it would be difficult to achieve a good "layered look". It's actually easier than I thought, and trust me it will be for you too.  Here I will show you how different necklaces can go well with each other. All of these gorgeous pieces that I am using are from my friend Lilacsinthesun. who is a jewelry maker. She has her own shop and instagram that I will link below, you definitely want to look up her shop and instagram, she has tons of beautiful handmade pieces.
Layering is really an effortless thing, you don't need to go out of your way and find pieces to layer ( I am sure you have some in your wardrobe).
 A simple trick start with a choker, then use two mid length necklaces (or 1 mid length and one longer length) and adjusting them so that they fall below one another. If you are afraid about the necklaces not complimenting one another DONT BE you will be surprised at how gorgeous necklaces will look with one another! Below I am layering my friends lilacsinthesun jewelry like I suggested earlier using a choker and different length necklaces.

lilacsinthesun has been my friend for quite some time now, and has made me many pieces. What I love about her jewelry is that she makes timeless jewelry! They are simple yet elegant, and they are all handmade! If there is a certain style or vision you have in mind she will try to make that for you (as she has done for me numerous times in the past). There is no doubt that she puts a lot of love and effort in her pieces. Be sure to look at her instagram or shop that will be linked below!

Boohoo Trench; Forever 21 Lace Top; Shein Denim Skirt; 
Lilacsinthesun instagram: IG Here
Lilacsinthesun shop: Here
Lace Satin Top: Here
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